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Fleckney egroup

This egroup has been setup for the people of fleckney, by joining you will be able to automatically share information (by email, of course) between everyone who joins the group.

Once you apply to join the egroup you will receive a confirmation e-mail, sent to the e-mail address you used to subscribe. All you have to do is reply (a reply confirmation is necessary for security reasons so that no one else can join using your e-mail address without your knowledge). You do not need to type anything in the e-mail as all the information required to prove you asked to join is included.

When your membership has been approved, you will receive instructions on posting a message to the e-group, the e-group website address@yahoogroups.com and how to un-subscribe.

Now you are a member of the egroup its simple: you just send an e-mail in the normal way to the address for posting messages contained in your membership e-mail. Everyone else in the egroup will now receive your email.

The success of the fleckney egroup is now in your hands.

Here are a few ideas for the egroup:

Events, lost-and-found, buying and selling things, getting help on technical problems (eg internet, computers, d-i-y, gardening, cars etc), community news and gossip, interesting web-site addresses, simply being a soap box on village issues, encouraging community spirit and contributions from villagers.

There are two methods in which you can join the fleckney e-group, this one is the easier of the two, input your e-mail address and click ‘join’ (this method will allow you to receive e-mails sent to the group from the time you join), You can upgrade this account later if you wish.

Join the Fleckney e-group
Run by www.fleckney.org.uk

This method takes a bit longer to join, as you have to give more information, but the benefits are: you can see who the members of the fleckney e-group are; view previous posts to the group; setup your own personal profile with a photo of yourself if you wish; setup how you wish to receive your e-mails from the e-group; see if any one else in the e-group is connected (online) to yahoogroups; setup a chat room; and join other e-groups from the yahoogroups lists.

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